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ALL Interactive Solutions was created and established by Kathy Baker to provide a holistic approach to supporting business people and private individuals experience life enhancement and achieve their ‘higher’ potential.

Business Coaching and
Personal Coaching expertise is combined with an extensive Marketing and Business Development background in providing individually-tailored solutions to meet specific Client needs.

The concept is ‘all’ encompassing and is focused on providing People oriented ‘interactive solutions’.  The philosophy and approach commences from a Coaching angle or standpoint and is backed by marketing and business development expertise and access to a range of other business support services, as the solution/s require.

Under the direction of Kathy Baker, access to a wider network of coaching professionals and marketing and business experts is also facilitated according to the needs of Clients.

Kathy is trained and accredited in the Intercept Coaching System.

Kathy Baker – Business Profile

‘I personally love and am passionate about working with people - and supporting them in their quest to enhance their lives.   I am honored and privileged to be invited into the lives of people and to work with them in overcoming their obstacles and in their mission to reach for greater heights and levels of personal fulfillment and business success’.

Following an extensive corporate career, 12 years ago Kathy established herself as an independent business operator providing the full range of Business Coaching and Personal Coaching services, Marketing and Business Development, Copywriting and Corporate Communications support services to a wide range of clients.

Business Coaching and Personal Coaching

With extensive experience in corporate environments in the private and public sectors, large organizations and businesses, medium sized and small businesses, and running her own business, Kathy Baker brings to her Business Coaching and Personal Coaching practice a wealth of business experience from her background in:

» Business Development and Marketing
Management Consulting, Strategy Planning and Change Management
Copywriting and Corporate Communications

In addition, her extensive experience and passion for the Self Improvement and Personal Development areas has endowed her with extensive knowledge about and skills in techniques and processes, together with her amazing insight and natural intuitive capabilities, in helping facilitate the transformation and life improvement process in individuals.


Clients operate in a diverse range of fields spanning web businesses, internet marketers, small to large businesses, corporates and organizations.  Here is a representative selection:

Internet Marketing

Ghostwriting content on money mindset, wealth creation, prosperity consciousness, law of attraction, internet marketing for seminar organizer/internet marketer, editing other contributors' chapters in EBook 'Millionaire Phenomena', and other EBooks for  Knowledge Source (Ivanhoe Victoria)

Ghostwriting content for Personal Development Trainer and Coach including Branding, Postioning, USP, Blog, Email Marketing, Social media, Article Marketing.

Internet Marketing Coaching advice to Happiness Laughter Expert - Branding, Positioning Unique Selling or "Service" Proposition, Search Engine Optimization, Blogsite Conversion factors, Social Media Optimization. 

Cagora - Global Social Entreprenueur organization, with Social Media and Internet Marketing Business Arms.  CagoraBiz - Local Business Marketing - Local Search Dominator product to assist small-medium businesses achieve placement on 1st page of Google, with blog site, and social media strategies.
Development of Nitro Business Blueprint System and Program content for Home Study Course for Internet Marketing client - Co-Founder and President of Nitro Marketing (Dallas Texas USA).  Master Manual (328 pages)'Quick Start' Guides, Checklist Guides, Members' Area content.

• 'Passionate For Life' E-Magazine (Lifestyle) - Featured Writer, Department Coach, and Co-Editor - launched with Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'Passionate For Life' (Sacramento California USA)

• Ghostwriting Books/e-Books for clients of internet marketer/author (Atlanta Georgia USA)

New Restaurant - website and promotional materials
Medical/Dental Tourism 
Destination Marketing 

Small Business / Individuals

• CEO of organization in not-for-profit sector
• Recruitment Consultant
• Public Relations Manager in banking sector
• Architect / Feng Shui / Environmental Energetics Consultant
• Singer / Performer
• Entertainment, Music and Dance
• Lifestyle Consultant
• Network Marketing businesses
• Wellness / Life Enhancement

• Beauty Industry Wholesale
• Image Consultant
• Electrical contracting
• Retail entertainment
• Office interior design


• Department of State Development, Department of Justice (State Government)
• City of Melbourne, City of Port Phillip, City of Maroondah
(Local Government)
• Queen Victoria Women's Centre (Not-for-profit organization in Female Market)
Carlton Marketing Association (Business Trader and Locality Marketing Association)
• Self Improvement/Personal Development/Self Education (Augustine Centre)
• Community/Educational Living and Learning Centre
• Tourism
• Centre for Women’s Services and Networking (Queen Victoria Women's Centre)
• Internet Business (Kana Communications)
• Smart Card Technology /Customer Loyalty company (City SmartCard)
• Financial Services
• Legal Services
• Sporting Organisations (Vicsport)
• Electronic products (Millennium Electronics)
• Livestock Industry private sector initiative (Victorian Livestock Exchange)

Marketing and Business Development

Kathy Baker’s extensive corporate career in Marketing, Business Development and Corporate Communications, and as an independent business operator in these fields in the past 12 years, enables her to provide a powerful ‘value added’ business support and business growth package to her clients.

Her track record encompasses all facets of marketing, in particular services marketing, product development initiatives marketing and image marketing, product and service reviews, and business restructuring for business growth.

Kathy also has specialized in ‘destination marketing’ - of Melbourne, locally and internationally, as an attractive location for entertainment, culture, retail and business, and in business and investment attraction to Melbourne. 

She has been responsible for establishing and running ‘destination marketing’ divisions in state government and private sector organisations focused on integrating marketing programs in support of the economic development and promotion of cities and locations.

She has also been involved in government and private sector initiatives supporting small business development and growth.  She initiated and established the Melbourne City Business Network and Small Business Incubator in conjunction with stakeholders with the aim of regenerating the Central Business District through growth in the small business sector.

Kathy also has extensive experience in all facets of external and internal Corporate Communications, including - client and stakeholder communications, issues management, corporate culture change programs, corporate image and public perception management, media relations, government relations, and employee and industrial communications.

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