Law of Attraction -
What is it?

At its simplest level, the Law of Attraction is based on two key principles –

1.  What you focus most of your attention on - whether positive or negative, whether you want it or not, whether it's good or bad - is what you attract to yourself, to your experience.  In other words, you attract what you spend most of your time thinking about!

2.  You attract to you energy which is of a like, or similar, energetic vibration. Like Energy attracts Like Energy – and that applies to all forms of mass or matter in our Universe.

On a more complex level, the Universal Law of Attraction is an explanation of the dynamics of how the world works around you.  It's based in scientific fact and backed by decades of research and experimentation – in Quantum Physics to be exact, which is the study of sub-atomic particles and explains how everything in our world comes to be.  It shows how everything in our world interacts and creates our physical experience.

You certainly don’t have to know or understand all the detailed intricacies of Quantum Physics - it challenges even the most learned scientists and students – you only need a basic knowledge of how Energy works, and most importantly to know and trust that it does work with mathematical exactitude, each and every time.

After all, Energy is what we are all made up of.  Everything around you in the world is based on an Energy system – everything can be broken down to its essence, which is Energy.  We’re all made up of cells, which in turn, are made up of molecules, then atoms, then sub-atoms … and even quanta … and so forth ... And all this is Energy at its original source.

Everything in our world, all forms of matter, and everything we emit, project, vibrate, radiate outwards from ourselves has an energy field vibration (think of it in visual terms with rays of light or electrical currents).  This is all happening at a cellular level and is invisible to the human eye.

Whatever level you’re currently vibrating or projecting at will attract similar or like energy – people, circumstances and events.

When you learn some very basic things about how this Energy behaves – you will begin to unleash a creative force in Your Life that will seem amazing and miraculous.

When you become skilled at directing your thoughts more mindfully, purposefully and consciously, you raise the level of thought at which you normally operate, vibrate or radiate - your energetic vibrational frequency - and you will increasingly attract thoughts of a higher vibration.  Just like switching channels on a radio.

Once you understand the Basic Principles and mechanics and practice some practical techniques on a daily basis, you can truly create a Life by your own design and unleash amazing potential in your Life.  

 Law of Attraction -  Introduction

 Law of Attraction -
 What is it?

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My Own Story

Kathy1 Hi, my name is Kathy Baker.

I had been aware of the Spiritual 
Universal Laws for
time, including the Law of Attraction, but had
not paid too much close attention.

But, when a series of circumstances occurred
came together, over a period of time,
I knew I had
to pay closer attention and embark on a journey to
find out more
and understand the Law of Attraction
at a deeper level for myself. 

I guess it was a wake up call to take it more seriously ... 

When I looked more closely at the Law of Attraction, in this new light, I knew I had found something that explained so many things that had been previously unexplained to me. 

I was also intuitively inspired and driven to find out more, not only for myself, but also because at a deep level I knew that my quest, my purpose, was to help others understand and to help them along their journeys to enhance their lives.

You may be on a similar journey, a similar mission right now, as you are here reading this ... 

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