90 Day Action Planning - Guiding Questions to Help You with Your Business, Career, or Personal Life Plans

By Kathy Baker

Here are Helpful Questions, Hints and Tips to guide you in developing your practical and effective 90 Day Action Plan.

As a complement to my earlier article '90 Day Action Planning to Kick Start or Boost Your 
Business or Personal Life Project'
to assist you further with your planning activity and
gaining more clarity, I have put together the 'best pick' of guiding questions.  I use these myself, plus others that come to my attention from time to time, to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.

This process can be undertaken at anytime.  So make Now the best ideal time.  Make the most of any approach to the next quarter/90 days, or any new phase in your Business, Career or Personal Life.  ANYTIME IS A GOOD TIME to do a stock take, review, refresh and plan your next phase of activity.

So take some time to sit down and work with these questions if you are serious about having your most successful and best ever year. 

Think about these questions and your answers.  Challenge yourself.  Think 'Big Picture' and think laterally.  Write down your answers and plans - the act of committing to the written word is a vitally important part of the planning, visualizing and materializing process.  And, most importantly - HAVE FUN !

Then go to work and take Action ... lots of Action to make it HAPPEN!  And again, most importantly - HAVE lots of FUN !

1.  Your Business / Career:

>  What are you going to do everyday to keep your attitude, motivation and action orientation at a high level?

>  What are you going to do to develop your leadership skills further - with your employees, business partners, joint venture partners, service providers, your peers/networks, and in the community?

>  What are you going to do to improve your business /industry /professional /product /leadership knowledge in the coming year?

>  What will you do to ensure that you are taking maximum care and protecting your best customers, and 'value adding' the relationships?  How will you best service them and sell even more to them?

>  How many new clients or customers will you attract this year?  How do you plan to do that specifically?

>  How many inactive clients or customers will you revive and turn into regular customers again?  What do you need to do to make that happen?

>  What are your specific business/service/sales/production goals for the coming year?  How does that break down into six monthly, quarterly and monthly goals?

>  How many referrals will you get in the coming year?  How will you get them and from whom?  What will you do to turn them into sales and increased business?

>  How much time are you going to spend, daily, to improve your own communication, presentation, sales and networking skills?  What will you do? 

>  What plans will you put in place to develop and nurture your employees to their next level and help them to achieve their maximum potential?  What actions will you take to empower them to take responsibility and initiative in a risk-taking entrepreneurial environment?  What will you do to create/ develop this environment?

>  What career advancement plans do you have and how will you achieve them?

>  What plans do you have with your Mentors?

>  How much more money will you make in the coming year?  How will that happen?  What will you need to do, today, to take the first steps in that direction?  What will you need to do to increase that number by an additional 10 percent?

>  What plans do you have to 'give back to the community' and participate or initiate voluntary involvements and activities?  What community group do you feel a particular affinity with helping and will you commit to give of your time, skills and energy?

2.  Your Personal Life:

>  What actions will you take to achieve a healthy balance between your Business/Career and Personal Life?

>  How do you plan to make more time for yourself - for reflection, review and self-replenishment?

>  In what way and in which areas will you improve your personal, family, and spiritual life?

>  What will you do to improve your overall health and physical fitness in the coming year?

>  How are you going to maximise the use of your time?  Where will you cut out the time-wasters and energy sappers/drainers in each day? 

>  What have you been putting off that you really need to do and that you will take care of within the next 2 to 4 weeks?

>  What actions do you need to/will you take to reduce the feeling of 'overwhelm' in your Life?  Do you need to put together a DO NOT NEED TO DO list?  If so, do so and stick to it!

>  What can you do to enhance your most valued friendships?

>  What can you do and who can you help to feel special every day?

>  What challenge, wish or desire that you have never attempted before will you finally achieve in the coming year?  How will you do that and Why?

Will you write down all of this so you can review and revise your plans regularly?  Remember, writing down your plans is a vital part of getting your mind clear and focused.  It acts as a reference point and constant reminder to you of your plans and goals.  It helps you visualise, actualise and materialise your plans and goals.

As yourself - What will it LOOK like when I accomplish everything I have just been thinking about?  How good will it FEEL?  What will it SOUND like and FEEL like when I achieve these things?

The most difficult question:  Are there any reasons why you cannot do all of this?

Any answer to the last question is not a reason, but rather a self-imposed limitation, excuse, or lack of desire or effort. The biggest deterrent to success looks us in the mirror every day ...

Now, go and enjoy yourself and plan and commit to having YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

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