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Business and Personal Life?

Do You Want to Accelerate Your Business Growth?
Or Do You Have a Great Idea and Want to
'Jump-Start' a New Business?

Do You Want to 'Fast-Track' Your Career Success?

 Perhaps You Yearn to Find a Way to Combine
Living Your ‘Passions’ While Achieving Financial Freedom 
to Give You the Lifestyle of Your Dreams

At the same time, if you’re like most people,
you’re also looking for -

More freedom, more balance, calm and peace of mind...  
More joy and happiness in your Life… 
You yearn for more 'time' for yourself, your leisure,
your Family and Friends?

Dear Friend

If Your Answer is YES! to any of the Above Questions,
Desires and Goals...

Then, I'm here to help you with information about practical steps you can take, with tips, ideas, resources, and/or one-on-one personalized Coaching support if that is what you desire and decide you wish to pursue, to help you achieve your goals much faster...

I look forward to helping you along your journey in any way that I can.

Kathy Baker

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Just let me ask you - Have you read the books, 
listened to the tapes and CDs, done the courses, 
but still nothing changed or improved?

Know that you’re not alone...

If you're like most people wanting more Success in Life, you've probably purchased and read many personal development/self-help/success mindset books, or you've listened to tapes, CDs and MP3s.  You've probably done home study courses and e-courses, or you've attended seminars. 

But, your experience most probably is that nothing really changes or gets any better for the long-term. Certainly not as much as you had hoped for.  Something is still missing ... You find yourself still searching for something that will make a real difference ...

Why is that?
... Well, firstly, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone.  There is a reason … What was most likely lacking was a practical day-to-day 'Process', a system, that was tailored 'right' for YOU to implement, put into action, to make lasting changes and 'make happen' or 'manifest' what you wanted.

You've probably also had heaps of 'aha' 'light bulb' moments along the way and thought you finally 'got it', that you 'cracked the code' ... and then Life just went back to 'normal' and nothing really changed - again!

  ... Well, what was more than likely lacking was guidance for you to find your own 'inside-out' approach to integrate your inner changes with outer external changes and actions - and most importantly, a 'Process', a system, to put it in place for you so that it all came together and 'stuck' for you!

If this sounds like you, believe me, I understand exactly where you are at, as I was there too at one time in the past.

There is a formula to follow to put into action those things that we read about and learn.  It has to happen at a very deep brain neural pathway and cellular level.

When you find the key, everything just flows !!! ...

‘Life’ Just Happens … to Us ALL …

Sometimes ‘Life’ just happens.  Sometimes things come along unexpectedly and just skip us up on our path and we get thrown off track.  Or we may even get in our own way unintentionally (limiting beliefs, blocks, ego) …

You may have wanted to 'take action' to build your Business or Career to greater success ... or build a better quality Life all-round ... but something just kept getting in the way and stopping you.

Perhaps you have felt 'stuck' or 'blocked' or just couldn't move forward.  You may have felt too overwhelmed, disoriented, stressed out and confused to decide which direction you should take?

May be you know what to do, but just can't get yourself to take action and do it?  Or you’re just too busy keeping up with all the 'things' you have to do all the time and don’t have time to do the things you want or need to do to really move forward?

Do you want to feel that your Life is 'on purpose', 'on track' and has 'real' meaning?  Are you looking for greater Personal fulfillment, purpose and abundance in your Life?

Or, perhaps sometimes you may feel that something is just not quite right yet in your Life?  But you just can't quite put your finger on it, unravel it, get on top of it, or get on the 'right track' about it all - whether it be in business/career, finances, personal life, or whatever.  Do you want to solve a problem/or problems in any, or all, of these areas?

Please take a moment and tell me -

What's your single biggest challenge or most important question about what's preventing you from creating a more Successful and Happy Life that you want and deserve?
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Change Happens in Your Life When
the Pain of Staying the Same is
Greater Than the Pain of Change Itself ...

Do You Want to Change All this Now?

Do You Want to Find a Way to Bring it All Together for Yourself, 
Shorten Your Learning Curve, and Get What You Want Much Faster?

What ‘Value’ Would You Place on Being Well on Your Way to Achieving the
2 or 3 Most Important Things to You in Your Life in the Next 90 Days?

Are You Searching for Insights, Alternative Paths, and
a Greater Level of Support from Likeminded Individuals?

Do You Want to Find the 
Resources and Support to Help You Achieve Your Dreams, Desires and Goals?

If You ARE looking...

Well, there is Good News...

You have a range of Options and Actions you can take here at my website.  You will find some great FREE Resources and other 'Highly Recommended' Resources.  

I definitely recommend that you:

1.  Get my Free E-Book "Law of Attraction Success Guide" by entering your details above in the box at the top of this page.  You will get instant access to download your copy.  

As a Bonus, you will also receive regular ongoing information, tips and articles on how to get what you really want in your life and manifest your dreams and goals.

2.  Have a serious look at my Getting What You Want through the Success Mindset and Law of Attraction companion section on this website - click here

Have a serious look at my
Recommended Resources section of my website -
go here

4.  Consider Coaching SupportSometimes we need a bit of extra outside help from an independent, insightful and supportive voice to get us clear and on track.  You may decide that you would like to try some individualized personalized one-on-one Coaching support from a trained professional.  You can explore that and choose whether that’s right for you.  It's not right for everyone – so you can check whether it is by taking this quick quiz – go here

If Coaching Support is the option you would like to try and is right for you at this point in time and you’re ready to be serious about making changes - Come and experience a wonderful personal journey and Coaching process that you will really enjoy and one that will bring you Life changing results and rewards - click here

To see my Commitment to Your Success - click here

How Do You Know if Coaching is
Right For You?

Coaching is Right For You IF -

You're searching for a better quality and

more meaningful Life and feel you need some help 
and a bit of a 'leg up' to move you forward that you haven't been able to achieve on your own …

Working with a Coach just may be the Answer
to helping You get the things
YOU really want and truly value ... much faster!

Imagine What It Would Be Like To Have Coaching
Support and Guidance Anytime You Needed It?

A Coaching Support System that gives you
the following Benefits and shows You
'How To'

  • Find your own individual 'Process' - a process that is 'right' for YOU and resonates with YOU, that honors who YOU are, where YOU are right now and helps YOU get to where YOU want to go.
  • Tap into and learn the 'How To' methods and secrets successful people use to manage their emotions, fears and frustrations so they can take the actions needed to achieve their goals.
  • Find more Meaning and Purpose in Your Life, find Your ‘Passion’, or develop it further and turn it into your livelihood or business, and truly live Your Passions and the Life of Your Dreams.
  • Learn an Attraction Process that helps you attract the things you want - more easily and effortlessly, more naturally and successfully, whether that is attracting clients, business opportunities, partners, joint venture collaborators, employees, a new job, or whatever. Learn a process to Create Your Life by Design.
  • Build Your Business and accelerate its growth to its next stage of development.
  • Start a new Business - if You have a great idea and need support to get it kick-started and up and running. 
  • Find your own easy effortless natural Marketing process, from your own integrity, that is right for you and flows easily and effortlessly and learn new effective marketing techniques.
  • Learn a process of Self Coaching yourself that you can call on at anytime for a Lifetime of ongoing successes and freedoms.
  • And many other processes to help You...

Coaching Support will make all the difference!
Can you afford not to give it a try?
Check it out and see for yourself ...

Coaching Programs

To Support You and Help You Achieve
What You Want - Much Faster ...

If you’re ready and want to take that extra next step with one-on-one personalized Coaching attention, this is for you ...  

With the help of an independent voice, your Coach, who can help you achieve what you want to achieve much faster … cheer you on and support you with unconditional commitment ...

Benefits from Coaching

  • Help you really pull it ALL together
  • Shorten your learning curve
  • Accelerate your progress and movement forward
  • ... in fact make extraordinary strides ahead ...

If you’re ready to make a start just follow either one of these 3 steps –

Step 1:  Commence your Coaching program by completing the Coaching questionnaire with your wants, wishes, desires and goals.

Or -

Step 2:  Go ahead and choose from one of the following Coaching formats that best suits your needs and preferences -

One-on-One Personal Telephone Coaching - click here 

E-mail Coaching - click here

**By Special Arrangement - One-on-One Personal Coaching (conditions apply) - click here 

Group Coaching Tele-Classes - click here

Or -

Step 3:
 If you're not quite sure which program would suit you the best, just contact me to enquire further about the best and most appropriate Coaching program for you.

And, you can also check out
what other people are saying -

"Professional One-on-One Support I Needed to
Step Up to the Challenge ..."

"Business is a team sport, and you need a great coach to help you work your way through.  Kathy has been an excellent benefit and resource for both my personal and professional development

As a CEO, it can be lonely at the top, as there are some issues you can't discuss with either your board or staff, so it was very beneficial to have an external, impartial ear and sounding board. In particular as a new CEO, Kathy provided me with the professional one-on-one support I needed to step up to the challenge.

Kathy is a wonderful listener, incredibly intuitive, insightful and gifted at putting one at ease. The coaching process is very equitable and egalitarian, quite different from mentoring, where there can be a hierachical space.

I highly recommend Kathy Baker & Associates Coaching Service to anyone involved in business, whether as a self-employed entrepreneur or working as an employee, who wants to get ahead.  Infinitely more helpful than those one-off, random training seminars that purport to teach leadership and management in one-day!"

Erica Myers-Davis
Former CEO of Not-for-Profit Organization,
and now General Manager
International Finance Industry

"Helped Me Hone My 'People' Skills ... and Equipped Me
With Techniques and
Strategies of 'Persuasion' and to
Create 'Win-Win' Situations ..."

Working with Kathy Baker as my Coach was invaluable in helping me hone my 'People' skills at a time when I was under a great deal of pressure to perform and demonstrate my abilities in a difficult adversorial and highly political environment.

With her amazing and intuitive insight into human nature, and into the individual she helped me see myself in ways I had not thought of before.  She guided me to draw from within me my latent abilities to relate to difficult people and situations, and equipped me with techniques and strategies of 'persuasion' and to create 'win-win' situations.

I highly recommend Kathy to anyone who is wanting to perform at their higher potential level and progress their career path.

Thomas B
Public Relations Manager
Banking Sector

"We are now stronger, more relaxed and focused, and
poised to enter a bigger and more prosperous future ..."

"With Kathy’s guidance and assistance, we have achieved more in our business in the last nine months than we have ever achieved.  I feel energised and inspired by the whole process.  

In many ways, I have ‘fallen in love’ all over again with my business, and am confident that I can grow and develop it, whilst staying true to my personal vision.  

I cannot overstate the benefit of having a skilled outsider come in to an established business with fresh eyes.  To have available someone who can offer vision, resources and experience, as well as an infectious enthusiasm is wonderful.  

I’m sure that all my staff would agree that we are now stronger, more relaxed and focused, and poised to enter a bigger and more prosperous future thanks to the guidance and support we have received from Kathy Baker".

Maureen Matthews
Retail Business Owner, Lifestyle and Leisure Products

"Stronger sense and confidence about where my business is going ... greater clarity and determination to
take actions I need to take ..."

‘My decision to invest in myself and my business by using Business Coaching is one of the best I have ever made! 

With Kathy’s coaching guidance, I now have a much stronger sense and confidence about where my business is going and have greater clarity and determination to take the actions I need to take. 

We now have a great ‘marketing machine’ in place that has enabled us to put a large part of it on auto pilot.  And, the results are coming through the door, with a very healthy increase in new customers and repeat business over the past 6 months.  

We are on track to open our 2nd office.  I feel on top of things and my employees are working better and they are even much happier. 

Thank you Kathy.

Andrew Y
Financial Services/Loans/Mortgage Broker

"Commitment and Passion to Helping Me
Achieve My Goals ..."

"Whilst working with Kathy Baker during a transitional time in my career I came to know an intelligent and sensitive person. Equipped with an array of strategies, Kathy naturally tailors her vast knowledge and guiding approach towards the individuals she works with.

Above all else Kathy's integrity, commitment and passion to helping me
achieve my goals made working with her such a unique delight. Kathy is an extremely resourceful and accessible professional dedicated to her clients.

It was a real pleasure!

Samantha Lillian
Recruitment Industry

 If you’re still deciding and wish to explore further, please do so by checking out these sections of my website - 

Business Coaching

Executive and Corporate Coaching

Personal and Life Coaching

Small - Medium sized Businesses
Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs
Business Coaching

Executives, Managers, Leaders
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Career Coaching

For Anyone desiring a
better quality Life -
Life Path Coaching

As a Business Owner - Are you struggling to attract a constant steady stream of clients/customers and want to find the best methods? Are you tired of wasting time and money on ineffective marketing techniques?  Do you want more time to work 'on' the business rather than 'in' the business? ... more

In the Corporate world, are you being challenged by what seems to be constant, endless management and structural changes, difficult team environments and leadership isues.  You are also intently focused on maximizing your career advancement goals and prospects... more

Are you searching for something more in your life? 
We all want to live happy purposeful lives.  Do you feel trapped in a life that is not fullfilling you?  In this busy stressed out world most of us eventually begin to wonder why am I living this way? 

... more


A Coach is your personal trainer, your mentor, your sounding board …  someone who cheers you on …  someone who will also tell you exactly as it is, without any judgment ...  someone who holds you accountable…  and someone totally committed to your success with unconditional support

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