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"You are someone who shines and
stands out..."

"Hey Kathy,

It’s always so nice to get your emails
(I do know this is a subscriber mailing and yet, great to hear from you :-)

You are someone who shines and stands out from all the thousands of people I have worked with over the years.

Just wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend 
(I think it is evening for you right now while it is
5:30 a.m. for me).

Keep up your journey of helping others to find their light and their purpose.


Kathleen Gage
The "Street Smarts Marketer"

"Enthusiastically committed to
helping others achieve Success..."

"Kathy Baker is a TRUE Superstar in every sense of the word!

I've met a LOT of highly-successful people over the years from being a 'Featured Success Story' on a TV Infomercial called 'Creating Wealth' and then creating my #1 Best-Selling book 'Conversations with Millionaires'
(at: So, I've gotten pretty good at recognizing TRUE entrepreneurial talent.

And Kathy is a WINNER for sure!

She is a talented writer, marketer, and creative, innovative ideas person with vision, and enthusiastically committed to helping others achieve Success."

Jason Oman
#1 Best Selling Author
"Conversations with Millionaires"

"Energy you have lavished... Clarity and focus... It was a joy to read..."

"Hi Kathy

Just read your wonderful new e-Book on the "Law of Attraction" in one fabulous sitting.  I wanted to express gratitude to you for all of the energy that you have lavished into your latest project.

As well, I want to say that I really enjoyed the clarity and focus that you maintain throughout the presentation. Very well done, Kathy!  It was a joy to read.  I could feel your bubbly personality beaming through with brilliance...

You have over-delivered to the max with your latest newsletter!  It is a virtual encyclopedia of great info!"

Michael Robert Gaudet
Artist and Inventor of Skyaak

"Professional One-on-One Support I Needed to Step Up to the Challenge..."

"Business is a team sport, and you need a great coach to help you work your way through.  Kathy has been an excellent benefit and resource for both my personal and professional development

As a CEO, it can be lonely at the top, as there are some issues you can't discuss with either your board or staff, so it was very beneficial to have an external, impartial ear and sounding board. In particular as a new CEO, Kathy provided me with the professional one-on-one support I needed to step up to the challenge.

Kathy is a wonderful listener, incredibly intuitive, insightful and gifted at putting one at ease. The coaching process is very equitable and egalitarian, quite different from mentoring, where there can be a hierarchical space.

I highly recommend Kathy Baker & Associates Coaching Service to anyone involved in business, whether as a self-employed entrepreneur or working as an employee, who wants to get ahead.  Infinitely more helpful than those one-off, random training seminars that purport to teach leadership and management in 1 day!"

Erica Myers-Davis
Author "Under One Flag"
Former CEO of Not-for-Profit Organization,
& now General Manager
International Finance Industry

"Commitment and Passion to Helping Me
Achieve My Goals ..."

"While working with Kathy Baker during a transitional time in my career I came to know an intelligent and sensitive person. Equipped with an array of strategies, Kathy naturally tailors her vast knowledge and guiding approach towards the individuals she works with.

Above all else Kathy's integrity, commitment and passion to helping me
achieve my goals made working with her such a unique delight. Kathy is an extremely resourceful and accessible professional dedicated to her clients.

It was a real pleasure!"

Samantha Lillian
Recruitment Industry
"Having those articles is really comforting ..."

"Dear Kathy
Thank you very much for “Your Success” E-Newsletters.

Thank you for all of your wisdom and sharing... having those articles is really comforting

The most important thing in life, I feel, is the growth in consciousness that 
we create in ourselves.  Also, the legacy that we leave behind - did we really help 
the planet and the people in it, with our creativity and consciousness?
With best wishes"

Patricia Jackson
Wellness Industry

For more information and resources,
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Learn How To Get More of What You Desire in Life, More Easily and Effortlessly...
  • Learn how to manifest what you desire more easily using the Universal Law of Attraction...
  • Learn the step-by-step process and techniques to making your desires and dreams come true...
  • Access valuable Resources and a Self Help Guide to Self Improvement and Personal Development...

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Achieve More Success in Your Business and Personal Life with Coaching Support...
  • One-on-one personalized Coaching support to help you achieve your dreams and desires...
  • Shorten your learning curve and accelerate your Success and the results you want...
  • Learn a Self Coaching process to help you with an ongoing Lifetime of Success...

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